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July 14, 2023

Beneath the Surface: Unveiling the Crucial Imperative of Consistency in Meeting Practices at Shopify

It's been said that meetings are an essential aspect of corporate life, providing the bedrock of communication and collaboration within an organization. However, the quality of meetings is a frequent cause for concern and often a point of contention. At Shopify, an enlightening experience regarding the sustainability and efficiency of their meetings revealed the importance of consistently adhering to good meeting processes and practices. Let's delve into how Shopify faced this challenge and how they innovatively tackled it to drive more productivity and accountability.

A simple meeting hack and an amazing result

Earlier this year, Shopify took the bold decision to eliminate all recurring meetings that involved more than two people. Not just that, they even started discouraging any meetings on Wednesdays. This radical step was not taken lightly but was a result of thoughtful introspection to solve the creeping problem of unproductive meetings. "We deleted 322,000 hours of meetings," Shopify's Chief Operating Officer, Kaz Nejatian, proudly shared in an interview in February 2023. The immediate results of this drastic step were significant and overwhelmingly positive. The company noticed an uptick in productivity, better time management, and an overall improvement in the quality of the meetings that were held.

But, six months down the line

However, six months following this triumphant claim, the old patterns began to resurface. Despite the initial improvements, the quality of meetings began to suffer. Meetings became prolonged, less efficient, and were frequently straying from the intended subject. It was clear that while the decision to cut down on meetings had initial benefits, the impact was short-lived without continuous tracking and reinforcement. This shift underlined a valuable lesson – it's not enough to enforce good meeting practices; it's equally important to consistently follow through with them to ensure their sustained effectiveness.

In response to this downturn in meeting quality, Shopify took a rather innovative step. They introduced a new tool, one that brings into sharp focus the cost of meetings and their impact on productivity. This tool quantifies the financial cost of meetings by calculating the collective hourly rates of all the participants. With the introduction of this tool, every meeting is no longer just a gathering of minds, but a substantial investment.

The tool is not designed to merely put employees on the spot. Instead, it serves to highlight the gravity and significance of each meeting. If a meeting is costing the company hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, it emphasizes the importance of making each minute count. It pushes the attendees to adhere to the guidelines set forth, ensuring that the meeting is productive and efficient. In other words, it encourages a sense of responsibility and accountability among the participants.

The goal of this tool is to breed a culture where employees take ownership of their time and their meetings. They are spurred to actively ensure that every meeting is well planned, efficiently conducted, and productive. This nudges the participants to respect the meeting guidelines and continuously strive to adhere to them, thereby preventing the quality of meetings from dropping over time.

Importance of consistency 

In conclusion, this insightful journey of Shopify provides an essential lesson on the importance of consistent adherence to meeting processes and best practices. Tools and guidelines are certainly effective, but their consistent implementation is what truly drives productivity and improves the quality of meetings. While innovative tools like the meeting cost calculator may seem like a stark reminder of the financial implications of unproductive meetings, it serves a greater purpose. It nudges us towards a culture of ownership, productivity, and respect for each other's time - a culture where quality meetings become the norm rather than the exception.

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