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August 23, 2023

Why People Don't Prepare for Meetings?

Despite the unprecedented 153% increase in meetings, thanks to digital collaboration tools, more than 65% of people never prepare for them. This lack of preparation often results in wasted time and, on a global scale, a staggering 400 billion USD annually flushed down the drain. The question arises, why don't people prepare for meetings? What's holding us back? Let's dive into this enigma.

1. Ill-Defined Objectives

In many cases, meetings are scheduled without a clear agenda or purpose. When attendees don't understand what's expected of them, it can lead to confusion and reluctance to prepare. A lack of clarity in objectives makes it challenging to align preparation with the meeting's goals. Tools like Meetrics AI, which focuses on crafting purposeful objectives and agendas, can be game-changers in this scenario.

2. Time Constraints

In today's fast-paced world, professionals are often swamped with tasks. They might view meeting preparation as an additional burden rather than an essential component of their workflow. If they perceive that the preparation process is time-consuming and won't yield tangible benefits, they'll likely skip it altogether.

3. Lack of Experience and Knowledge

For newcomers or those unfamiliar with the subject of the meeting, preparation can feel daunting. Lack of knowledge about the topic or uncertainty about what to prepare can lead to procrastination and eventually, non-preparation. They might feel that diving into the deep end without a life jacket is preferable to spending time learning how to swim.

4. The Mirage of Spontaneity

Some individuals believe in the charm of spontaneity. They might feel that preparing for a meeting takes away the opportunity for organic discussions and fresh ideas. While there's a place for spontaneity, complete lack of preparation might lead to unproductive chaos rather than exciting innovation.

5. Fear of Over-Commitment

Over-preparation can sometimes lead to rigidity in discussions, leading to a fear of being overly committed to a set path. People might avoid preparation to keep the conversation open and flexible. However, a fine line exists between being prepared and being rigid, and straddling that line can lead to more fruitful discussions.

6. Miscommunication and Lack of Collaboration

In some cases, lack of preparation stems from miscommunication within the team. If roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined, attendees might assume that others are taking care of the preparation. Collaboration tools that allow seamless integration with calendar platforms and manage post-meeting tasks can mitigate this issue.

7. The ‘Just Another Meeting’ Syndrome

If meetings are frequent and monotonous, they might lose their significance. When meetings become a routine rather than an opportunity for progress, attendees might become complacent and view preparation as unnecessary.

8. The Disconnect Between Effort and Outcome

Finally, if previous meetings have resulted in inaction or if attendees feel that their efforts don’t contribute to tangible results, they may become disenchanted with the whole process. When preparation doesn't correlate with success, it becomes an expendable chore.

The Path Forward

The reasons behind lack of preparation for meetings are complex and multifaceted. However, understanding these challenges is the first step towards creating engaging, productive meetings where everyone comes prepared.

Organizations must foster a culture where meeting preparation is valued, rewarded, and supported by appropriate tools and resources. Initiatives that help define clear objectives, ensure collaboration, and balance preparation with spontaneity can create an environment where meetings are no longer time-wasters but catalysts for success.

New tools like Meetrics AI are emerging to tackle these challenges head-on. By driving each meeting to achieve its goals efficiently and intuitively, these tools are making meeting preparation not just an obligation but a delightful, engaging process.


Meetings are an indispensable part of professional life, and their success often hinges on proper preparation. The mystery behind why people don't prepare for meetings isn't so mysterious after all. It's a complex blend of misconceptions, fears, and practical challenges.

By unraveling these intricacies and implementing solutions, we can transform meetings from necessary evils into powerful engines driving creativity and achievement.

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