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Run a perfect ❤️ meeting with AI. Every. Single. Time. 🏆

A ridiculously simple 3-step meeting setup guide directly embedded in your calendar ensures every meeting has an objective and structured agenda ensuring you end with a met objective.

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Goodbye 👋🏼 pointless meetings

Using Meetrics people instantly stop wasting each others time and come to meetings prepared. A magical 3-step guide directly integrated into your calendar elevates your meeting efficiency onto a level unheard of before. With a laser-focused objectives and agendas not only will you meet goals, you're teams will achieve brilliance. Using Meetrics meeting participants will be jealous of your new elite meeting skills.

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Meetrics AI🎓
Like having a world-class meeting leader in every room!

Let's be honest. Not many people really know how to run great meetings and there's little-to-no ongoing help to coach them (and no, those PDF meeting guidelines you are working on don't actually work).
Meetrics is a a state-of-the-art, revolutionary tool on a mission to change this status quo. Meetrics will guide anybody, no matter the experience, to a perfect meeting. Every. Single. Time.

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Find all your meeting information instantly with Meetrics GPT🪄

Meetrics GPT, the ChatGPT for your meetings, but with a professional twist! With just a query, explore meeting insights, participants' profiles, and past discussions. It's not only a smart tool that understands your needs but also a playful assistant that makes meeting preparation a breeze. With Meetrics GPT, you're not just preparing; you're strategizing with style!

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Intelligent scheduling 🗓️

Meetrics optimizes beyond mere calendar slots, learning from your preferences to prioritize your productivity and work-life balance. It avoids double bookings, timezone errors, and the endless email chains. Meetrics smart scheduling understands and evolves with you, offering you optimal times that benefit everyone.

Key principles 🗼

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Science and research first

We prioritize evidence-based approaches to create meeting solutions grounded in scientific research, ensuring maximum efficacy and reliability.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our platform is designed for effortless usability, embracing the philosophy that a simplified user experience enhances sophistication.

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Building with an AI core

Leveraging advanced AI technologies, we deliver intelligent meeting management that adapts and learns, offering unparalleled customization and guidance.

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Data and privacy is the key responsibility

We take the stewardship of your data seriously, implementing robust security measures to safeguard privacy and ensure ethical use.

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Focus on the upside

While solving immediate problems, we also aim for long-term benefits that uplift team productivity and streamline collaborative efforts.

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Solve real-life problems

Our ultimate goal is to tackle genuine issues in meeting culture, converting challenges into opportunities for meaningful interaction and decision-making.

People 😍 love us

D.L. | Environmental Advisor
Suncor Energy

This prep would make me look like a genius for our daily standups.

V.F. | Managing Director
Charles Schwab

The 2nd topic on this list is actually something my VP told us to look into today. Wow.. that’s impressive that it came up with that. Really cool.

T.F. | Business Owner
Tula CPA / Fractional CFO

This would definitely help me come across more professional, prepared, and save time. It would also help me think of offering services that I currently don’t offer.

A.O. | Ops Engineer
Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)

I’m surprised it knows so much about our fusion ambitions. How does it take that info and apply it to my meeting? That’s nuts.

You asked❓we answered 🤗

What do I do with all this extra time on my calendar?

Very common question 😉

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Concentrate without interruptions on your actual work so you don’t have to do it in the evenings or weekends. Clear your inbox. Beat the traffic. Walk around and strengthen those bonds with your coworkers. Complete those training or courses you’ve been putting aside and develop your skills to further drive your career. Take a mental health break to reset your mind and increase your productivity.

So, what is Meetrics, and how can it benefit my team?

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Meetrics is a comprehensive meeting management platform designed to streamline and enhance your team's meeting experience. It offers features such as scheduling, agenda creation, attendee management, and real-time collaboration. By using Meetrics, your team can understand where they stand with meeting health, save time, improve meeting efficiency, and foster better communication and collaboration among members.

Can Meetrics integrate with other calendar and communication tools we use?

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Yes, Meetrics is currently built to seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar through a sidebar extension - it lives directly in your calendar. No separate logins.. In the very near future Meetrics will also integrate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, ensuring that your meetings are reflected across platforms. Additionally, Meetrics will integrate with task management platforms like Monday and Asana to further simplify the Meetrics meeting loop.

Is Meetrics suitable for both in-person and remote meetings?

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Absolutely! Meetrics is designed to cater to both in-person and remote meetings. It offers features to schedule and manage meetings regardless of the participants' location. For remote meetings, Meetrics provides collaboration tools like shared agendas, document sharing, and real-time note-taking, ensuring that all attendees can actively participate and contribute, regardless of their physical location.

How secure is the data stored in Meetrics?

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We take data security and privacy seriously at Meetrics. All data stored in our platform is encrypted using industry-standard security measures. We have implemented robust access controls, regular backups, and secure server infrastructure to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Additionally, we comply with relevant data protection regulations to safeguard your information and provide you with peace of mind.

Can AI lead to the Terminator?

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In Meetrics’ case, it could lead to an Arnold-type Terminator that terminates your pointless meetings. “I’ll be back…..to ensure your meeting is set up for success.” See what we did there?


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