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The problem.

The current scheduling system lacks intelligence and efficiency, resulting in a time-consuming and tedious process of organizing meetings. The absence of automated, personalized scheduling based on individual preferences, experiences, and future forecasts contributes to ongoing challenges in minimizing back-and-forth communication.

Enter Smart Scheduling: streamlined and personalized.

Introducing Smart Scheduling—an automated solution that tailors meetings to individual preferences, past experiences, and future forecasts. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and hello to a streamlined, efficient, and personalized calendar management experience."

Do More With Smart Scheduling.

Schedule smart meetings based on individual preferences, considering factors such as preferred meeting times and durations.

Meetrics learns from past scheduling interactions, optimizing future proposals based on historical data and feedback.

Minimize back-and-forth by providing a seamless communication interface where participants can confirm, propose adjustments

Reduce last-minute conflicts by anticipating future commitments and suggests meeting times that align with participants' likely availability

8 meeting facts that will blow your mind.

Hold onto your hats, because we've got some startling meeting facts for you.


Did you know we're having 153% more meetings than just three years ago?


And brace yourselves, because 65% of people don't even prepare for these meetings.


The cost of bad meetings? A whopping $400 billion a year for US companies.


No wonder, given only 20% of leaders have received any formal training on running effective meetings.


It gets worse. While stuck in meeting purgatory, 73% of people are off multitasking, and with 40% of employee time being consumed by meetings, can you blame them?


Here's the kicker: only 37% of meeting-goers actually find their meetings valuable, and only half of all meetings are considered effective.


It's a wild ride in the meeting world, with 55 million of these joyrides happening daily in the US alone.


And if you're wondering about the ideal meeting length? Keep it short and sweet at 15 minutes.

Stop wasting your time on meeting templates. Use AI.

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