Driven by the desire to make meetings matter.

Our Mission.

We've felt the sting of time wasted in conference rooms, and we're on a mission to ensure no team has to endure that. We've created a platform that empowers everyone involved in a meeting to contribute meaningfully and productively.

Through our tool, we aim to transform meetings from time-consuming necessities to valuable opportunities for collaboration and decision-making. Together, let's make every meeting count.

Our Principles.

Science and research first

We prioritize evidence-based approaches to create meeting solutions grounded in scientific research, ensuring maximum efficacy and reliability.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our platform is designed for effortless usability, embracing the philosophy that a simplified user experience enhances sophistication.

Building with an AI core

Leveraging advanced AI technologies, we deliver intelligent meeting management that adapts and learns, offering unparalleled customization and guidance.

Data and privacy is the key responsibility

We take the stewardship of your data seriously, implementing robust security measures to safeguard privacy and ensure ethical use.

Focus on the upside

While solving immediate problems, we also aim for long-term benefits that uplift team productivity and streamline collaborative efforts.

Solve real-life problems

Revolutionize meetings with in-calendar analytics: Simplified insights, team performance tracking, all seamlessly integrated into your existing calendar.

Stop wasting your time on meeting templates. Use AI.

Explore Meetrics or book a demo now. Uncover the future of efficient collaboration and experience firsthand how Meetrics transforms the way you meet and achieve success.